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Property Damage

Navigating The Complexities Of A Property Damage Claim

If you own property, you know that physical damage can happen. What you may not know, however, is that depending on the type of policy you hold, your insurance company may not provide coverage for all or some of the damages to your home or business. Even having the right insurance coverage if you sustain damage to your property may not be enough, as insurance companies may choose to deny your claim.

At Rehmeyer & Allatt, our experienced lawyers can guide you through the often-confusing intricacies of property damage claims. The claims process itself, from reviewing policies to consulting with damage experts and contractors, can be arduous and complicated — our State College attorneys can help you at each step of the way.

When An Insurance Company Acts In Bad Faith

An insurance policy is a promise made by the insurance company to act in good faith when a claim is submitted. It is a promise to act fairly and honestly with its insureds, which means that the insurance company may not unreasonably withhold insurance money or benefits. Actions that may be considered bad faith on the part of an insurance company include:

  • Failing to pay a covered claim
  • Failing to settle a covered claim in a timely manner
  • Making lowball offers to settle claims
  • Failing to promptly investigate a claim and make a coverage decision
  • Failing to defend or indemnify an individual or business against a lawsuit

It is important to understand that not every dispute between an insured and an insurance company gives rise to a bad faith claim, but if you or a loved one believes that your insurance company has unreasonably withheld insurance money or benefits, please contact the attorneys at Rehmeyer & Allatt for a free consultation at 814-343-9860.

How Our Lawyers Can Assist You With Your Claim

The attorneys at Rehmeyer & Allatt have extensive experience representing insurance companies in homeowner property damage claims, business property damage claims and insurance bad faith claims, and we now bring a unique level of insight and expertise to representing individuals in claims against insurance companies.

Likewise, we understand that you may have sustained damage to a home or vacation property in a remote area where it may be difficult to locate and obtain competent legal representation. Because of this, our attorneys will travel anywhere in Pennsylvania to represent you and your interests if you have sustained damage to your home, business or vacation property.

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