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Premises Liability

Negligent Property Owners Can Be Held Accountable

When a property owner or business fails to maintain safe conditions, members of the public can become vulnerable to injury. Should a simple errand turn into a catastrophe due to an icy walkway or unattended animal, you can be left exposed to a painful and expensive aftermath.

Fortunately, when these types of incidents occur, the individuals or entities responsible can be held liable under the legal concept of premises liability. At our firm, Rehmeyer & Allatt, we fight on behalf of State College victims as they seek compensation for injuries suffered at the hands of negligent property or business owners.

Fierce Advocacy For An Assortment Of Premises Liability Claims

Most people are familiar with the typical premises liability case involving a slip, trip and fall, but premises liability cases can include several other injury-causing events. Other examples of viable claims include:

Insurance for homeowners and businesses provides a property owner with liability protection if someone is injured on the property. As part of the liability protection afforded by the insurance policy, the property owner’s lawyer is paid for by the insurance company, and any judgment or verdict rendered against the property owner is also paid for by the insurance company.

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