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Day Care Abuse

Has Your Child Experienced Abuse In A Day Care Center?

When you entrust the care of your child to a day care facility, you are assuming that he or she is in safe hands. You most likely did a fair amount of due diligence before deciding on a day care provider, so in your mind, your child will be adequately cared for. Still, it is a sad reality that child abuse occurs in these facilities, and assigning blame is sometimes a layered process.

When day care abuse happens, the attorney you turn to matters. These cases can be delicate, and our lawyers at Rehmeyer & Allatt treat them with appropriate care. If your child has suffered abuse at a day care facility in the State College area, we can advise you on how to move forward with legal action.

Recognizing Signs Of Abuse

Child care abuse can arise from a variety of circumstances, but day care negligence is a common culprit. Even if a facility offers a convincing facade of safety, your child’s day care injury may stem from abuse by an employee. Common warning signs of day care abuse include:

  • Fear of a particular day care employee. If your child routinely expresses fear of a day care worker, there may be a larger issue at play.
  • Traumatic nightmares. If your child is suddenly consumed by bad dreams or night terrors, he or she could be experiencing abuse.
  • Inattentive workers. If it seems like the employees are not engaged, be it by looking at their phones or excessively chatting with co-workers, this could be a sign of child care negligence.
  • Attempts by your child to run away. If your child makes efforts to escape the day care center, there could be a good reason.

Acknowledging that your child has been the victim of child abuse is not easy. You should know, however, that a personal injury lawsuit may be a possibility for you and your family. At Rehmeyer & Allatt, our attorneys can consult with you discreetly to assess your most optimal path going forward.

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