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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Drivers Pose A Considerable Threat To Other Motorists

Any car accident can have devastating consequences, but when a drunk driver is involved, it is even more tragic. Impaired driving has become an epidemic in the United States, with too many people drinking before getting on the road. Despite strict regulations on drinking and driving, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is still an all-too-common problem.

For the victims of those who drink and drive, the consequences can be deadly. Here in State College, Pennsylvania, given the large number of young college students, DUI and drunk driving is a major issue. At Rehmeyer & Allatt, we help those who have been affected by drunk driving accidents and they look for legal pathways for compensation.

A Consistent Concern For All Drivers

Throughout this country, 40 percent of all accidents with fatalities involve drivers who are impaired by alcohol. Furthermore, each year drunk drivers put 112 million people at risk by driving intoxicated. Drinking and driving is a huge problem and can lead to both criminal and civil prosecution against those responsible for causing an accident while drinking and driving.

The Aftermath Of An Accident Involving A Drunk Driver

As with any accident, the first step after any collision caused by a drunk driver is to call the police. Take down important information like license plate number, driver’s license and insurance information from the other driver. You should also consider going to the doctor to make sure there are no life-threatening injuries. It is important that you contact an experience personal injury attorney as soon as possible, as a civil suit may be necessary to recover damages.

The Relevant Evidence In Civil Drunk Driving Suits

Oftentimes, key information in a case involving alcohol impairment is the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). BAC is the percentage of alcohol that is present in a person’s bloodstream, and is subject to strict limitations while driving. In Pennsylvania, there is a BAC limit of .08 percent for legal drivers. For those under the legal drinking age of 21, that limit is even lower, with anything over a BAC of .02 percent resulting in a citation for driving under the influence.

Within a civil case, this information can be critical to establish that victims are entitled to damages as a result of a drunk driver. Additionally, police reports, doctor’s examinations, hospital records, witness testimony and more can all be considered relevant in a drunk driving trial.

How Our Firm Can Start Helping You Today

It only takes a fraction of a second for a drunk driver to lose control of a vehicle and cause an accident, but the consequences of that moment can last a lifetime. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact our lawyers today for a free consultation. You can send us an email by visiting our contact page, or call us by phone at 814-343-9860.