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Bicycle Accidents

Struck Bicyclists Face Severe Injuries

When a car strikes a bicycle, the cyclist often suffers debilitating injuries. While safety features insulate a driver, nothing shields the cyclist’s exposed body from the impact of the much larger and heavier vehicle, resulting in catastrophic injuries with lifelong effects. At Rehmeyer & Allatt, our attorneys understand the serious nature of bicycle injuries and fight hard to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Increased Hurried And Negligent Drivers Mean More Injured Bikers

Unfortunately, as bicycling gains popularity as a relatively inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation or exercise, cyclists continue to suffer serious injuries. Increased distractions and frenzied schedules continue to take precedence over safe driving habits, with motorists sacrificing safety in favor of quicker and more entertaining commutes. Bicycle accidents can result from:

  • Inattentive driving: Drivers looking away from the road for even a split second to read a text or change the radio can fail to see a cyclist.
  • Speeding: A speeding motorist can fail to notice a cyclist until it is too late to stop.
  • Right hand turns: Drivers attempting to turn right can strike or swipe a cyclist crossing the intersection.
  • Passing and merging accidents: Motorists who pass too closely can sideswipe or strike a cyclist, and drivers that fail to notice a bicycle when merging can hit or even run over a cyclist.

Whether you were hit by a car while biking to campus or struck while crossing an intersection on an evening ride, we can help. Let us be your legal advocate against those responsible for your bike accident injury.

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