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What could happen when a car hits a wall?

Car crashes happen with alarming frequency in Pennsylvania, and the crashes may involve more than one vehicle hitting another. A car might crash into a wall, which could lead to horrible injuries. The physics of a car crash reveal the tremendous amount of energy and force involved. Sadly, a powerful impact may contribute to significant

Motorcycle accidents and severe scarring

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle, the risk of an accident is always present when you are on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,985 people died in motorcycle crashes during 2018. When a collision occurs, many different consequences often arise for victims, from broken bones to brain trauma and financial hardships resulting

Know the Pennsylvania laws for teen drivers

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, more Americans ages 16 to 24 die in auto accidents than from any other cause. In response to this issue, the state has established special guidelines for young drivers. Review the Pennsylvania restricted license laws with your child before he or she starts driving. Learner’s permit Pennsylvania teens can apply