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Are there unique safety steps for e-bike owners?

The e-bike revolution provides a new way for bicycle enthusiasts and others to commute in Pennsylvania. An e-bike presents a motor-powered bicycle that presents an alternative to scooters and motorcycles. E-bikes offer motor-assisted pedaling or motor-exclusive power. And yes, electric bikes could travel fast, meaning additional safety steps may be necessary. E-bikes and safety Since

Settlement reached in 2017 Penn State hazing death

Out-of-court settlements have been reached with over half of the defendants in the federal lawsuits arising out of the hazing death of a student at The Pennsylvania State University. The parents of the deceased student brought two lawsuits on behalf of the young man’s estate several years ago in the U.S. District Court for the

Levels of dog bites

Dogs are a part of everyday life in Pennsylvania, and unfortunately, some people get bitten by a dog they encounter. Experts and veterinarians have identified six levels of dog bites for people to better understand the type of injury they have sustained. Level 1 Level one entails mostly the signs of an aggressive dog rather

Penn State introduces new bicycle safety program

While Penn State is a cycling-friendly campus, accidents can and have happened, some of them leaving both pedestrians and cyclists seriously injured. Along with campus slip-and-fall injuries, incidents that involve cyclists may lead to serious harm that might have long-lasting physical effects on those who experience them. Some cyclists on campus may not realize their responsibilities while

Should you take whiplash injury seriously?

As a parent visiting your college student in Pennsylvania, you have to traverse some crowded and potentially risky roads. The speed limit around Penn State is not set high, but getting into a crash here can still result in serious injuries. One such injury you may suffer from is whiplash. You may have heard rumors

Experts begin to examine crash that killed Kobe Bryant

Despite the fact that the United States Senate was conducting an impeachment trial of President Trump, the most newsworthy event of the past weekend was the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in southern California. The news of the crash that killed eight people in addition to Bryant reverberated from the California hills