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The impact of rear-end collisions

When a vehicle gets hit from behind, the car finds itself involved in a rear-end collision. The severity of such accidents varies, but a rear-ended car could find itself pushed into a Pennsylvania intersection. A deadly crash might follow, highlighting the fact that not all rear-end incidents result in minor “fender benders.” Reasons for rear-end

Debunking common motorcycle safety myths

There are a lot of myths that go around about motorcycles, especially when it comes to safety. These myths may confuse motorcycle riders and could even make them believe something that could put their lives in jeopardy. Here are a few motorcycle safety myths that need to get debunked in Pennsylvania. Helmets There are a

Drowsy driving statistics and warning signs

If Pennsylvania drivers get behind the wheel when they are overly tired, they’re endangering not only themselves but others who are on the roadway. Studies have revealed that driving drowsy provides a similar level of impairment as driving drunk. The scary part is that 50% of American adults in one survey admitted to driving drowsy.

Distracted driver awareness

Distracted driving is one of the many dangers people face on Pennsylvania roads. A distraction is anything that causes a motorist to take their full attention from the task of driving. Common distractions include eating, drinking, talking to other people in the car, and using a cellphone. Law enforcement agencies and other organizations are working