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Heroin in Pennsylvania

Last February, a massive drug bust in Centre County brought the heroin crisis in Pennsylvania to local and national attention. Over the last year, law enforcement officials and legislators have been working to crack down on evidence of drug use and sales across the entire state. In the Centre City bust on February 6, 2014,

Understanding the Seriousness of Drug Crimes

Drug crime penalties and repercussions typically take a hard line, no matter the offense or age of the offender. The results can be devastating for young adults who have simply made a mistake. Regardless the amount of the drug in question, a person found in possession of a controlled substance can be charged with a

Minor Crimes Can Have Major Consequences

When you first get to college, you may feel a sense of overwhelming freedom-no parents, no boundaries and no supervision during free time at night and on the weekends. For many incoming freshmen, this is their first chance to live on their own, set their own schedules and make their own decisions as they enjoy