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DUI Stops and Bikes

College students know that drinking and driving is bad, and for most students, avoiding DUI/DWI charges is easy if they do not bring cars to campus, but rather rely on the school’s public transportation and walking paths. Because so many college campuses spread out for miles and encompass several buildings and dorms that students use and


For many people, fall means football, and for student athletes in colleges and universities across the country, football season is a semester-long celebration of hard work and sportsmanship. College football has many rituals attached to it, from tailgating the day of the big game to celebrating with parties afterwards, and on most college campuses, these


If you have been pulled over for suspicious driving behavior, the officer who stopped you will attempt to prove that you have been drinking or that you are too intoxicated to safely drive. While such DUI traffic stops are scary and may intimidate you (especially if you are a little buzzed or had a drink