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Penn State introduces new bicycle safety program

While Penn State is a cycling-friendly campus, accidents can and have happened, some of them leaving both pedestrians and cyclists seriously injured. Along with campus slip-and-fall injuries, incidents that involve cyclists may lead to serious harm that might have long-lasting physical effects on those who experience them. Some cyclists on campus may not realize their responsibilities while

Motorcycle accidents and severe scarring

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle, the risk of an accident is always present when you are on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,985 people died in motorcycle crashes during 2018. When a collision occurs, many different consequences often arise for victims, from broken bones to brain trauma and financial hardships resulting

Should you take whiplash injury seriously?

As a parent visiting your college student in Pennsylvania, you have to traverse some crowded and potentially risky roads. The speed limit around Penn State is not set high, but getting into a crash here can still result in serious injuries. One such injury you may suffer from is whiplash. You may have heard rumors

Child care regulations, learning pods and safety

With the current exceptions to the norm regarding school attendance and gatherings, many parents are having to make alternate arrangements for their children who would normally be attending school daily through the week. This necessity has led to some changes in the regulations for those who provide child care. Under regular circumstances, Pennsylvania laws set

Know the Pennsylvania laws for teen drivers

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, more Americans ages 16 to 24 die in auto accidents than from any other cause. In response to this issue, the state has established special guidelines for young drivers. Review the Pennsylvania restricted license laws with your child before he or she starts driving. Learner’s permit Pennsylvania teens can apply