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The impact of rear-end collisions

When a vehicle gets hit from behind, the car finds itself involved in a rear-end collision. The severity of such accidents varies, but a rear-ended car could find itself pushed into a Pennsylvania intersection. A deadly crash might follow, highlighting the fact that not all rear-end incidents result in minor “fender benders.”

Reasons for rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions may happen for several reasons, and distracted driving ranks high on the list. A driver texting while approaching an intersection might crash into another vehicle. Intoxicated drivers could suffer from similar attention lapses and cause car accidents.

The weather might factor into a crash if icy or slick Pennsylvania roads make braking difficult. With that said, the weather might not be the primary cause for a driver being unable to stop. If the driver was speeding, then negligence likely played a part in the crash.

Rear-end accidents and damage

Damage to a vehicle might not reflect the only loss. What if a rear-ended car knocks over someone’s mailbox? The property owner may then have a negligence claim against the at-fault driver. Accident victims might suffer physical harm in addition to property loss.

Even a slight bump from a rear-end collision could leave a victim with whiplash and resulting medical bills. Rear-end collisions might cause far worse injuries, including damage to the spine or brain. Internal injuries are possible, and the severity remains unknown until a doctor performs a thorough examination.

Lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of affection and other negative outcomes may derive from a rear-end collision. Victims might find it necessary to pursue litigation or an insurance settlement to recover losses.

An attorney may review the evidence related to a rear-end collision and then provide accident victims with counsel about reasonable compensation. The attorney may handle settlement negotiations for a client as well.