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Levels of dog bites

Dogs are a part of everyday life in Pennsylvania, and unfortunately, some people get bitten by a dog they encounter. Experts and veterinarians have identified six levels of dog bites for people to better understand the type of injury they have sustained.

Level 1

Level one entails mostly the signs of an aggressive dog rather than an actual bite. At this level, a dog will begin to growl and bite at the air aggressively. This behavior continues until they begin showing their teeth. In some cases, a dog will lunge at a person, catching a piece of their clothing but not reaching far enough to make contact with the person.

Level 2

Dogs that only occasionally get aggressive will usually fall into this category. Because they are not usually aggressive, they are likely to go for a bite that does not leave any markings on a person. The most severe type of injury from this level would be a few scratches.

Level 3

When a dog is afraid but not aggressive, it will tend to go for a quick bite. This bite involves the canine digging half of their teeth into a person’s skin. Blood will appear from the bite, but it’s likely that it can simply be washed and covered by a bandage.

Level 4

Level four bites involve a dog biting only once but fully clamping down on a person’s skin. In many cases, the dog will shake its head while biting, causing additional injury to a person’s skin and to the dog’s teeth. If you were attacked at this level by another person’s pet, you might want to speak with a personal injury attorney about receiving some form of compensation.

Level 5

Similar to that of level four, a dog at level four will dig its teeth deep inside of a person’s skin. In this case, the dog will go for multiple bites rather than retreating. Dogs who attack at this level at considered dangerous and should avoid being around children.

Level 6

Level six is the most severe as it is often the level where the victim of the bite dies. The death of the victim usually comes because of multiple bites that lead to an enormous amount of blood loss.

If you are a victim of a dog bite, it is important to immediately consult with an attorney. An attorney experienced in personal injuries may provide information about the potential legal routes to obtain compensation from the dog’s owner.