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What could happen when a car hits a wall?

Car crashes happen with alarming frequency in Pennsylvania, and the crashes may involve more than one vehicle hitting another. A car might crash into a wall, which could lead to horrible injuries. The physics of a car crash reveal the tremendous amount of energy and force involved. Sadly, a powerful impact may contribute to significant trauma.

Science and vehicle collisions

When a car crashes into an aluminum fence, the chance for injuries to the driver and passenger exists, but the car would likely crush the fence. If a vehicle hits a wall, expect significantly more damage. A brick wall won’t yield much, if at all. A car that travels at “only” 10 mph could suffer tremendous damage. At 40 mph, a totaled vehicle, severe injuries, and fatalities are possible.

Crashing through a wood or an aluminum fence brings fatality risks, too. Are there people standing behind the fence? If the car breaks through the barrier and hits them, the resultant injuries may also be severe or fatal. Even if no one suffers injuries, the damaged wall or fence might lead to a legitimate property damage claim.

Generating the force

In the aftermath of a vehicle accident, questions about the cause commonly arise. Why did someone crash into a wall or fence? If the driver suffered a rear-end collision, then the driver causing the crash might be responsible. Did the driver fail to stop because the brakes didn’t work? Maybe the brakes failed due to an incompetent repair at a service center.

A drunk driver may travel at an unsafe speed, lose control, and crash into a wall. Drunk driving could represent another instance of negligence. A motor vehicle accident or MVA involving impact with a wall or another solid structure might lead to a civil suit. Persons that experienced injuries or losses may wish to consult with an attorney.