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Levels of dog bites

Dogs are a part of everyday life in Pennsylvania, and unfortunately, some people get bitten by a dog they encounter. Experts and veterinarians have identified six levels of dog bites for people to better understand the type of injury they have sustained. Level 1 Level one entails mostly the signs of an aggressive dog rather

What could happen when a car hits a wall?

Car crashes happen with alarming frequency in Pennsylvania, and the crashes may involve more than one vehicle hitting another. A car might crash into a wall, which could lead to horrible injuries. The physics of a car crash reveal the tremendous amount of energy and force involved. Sadly, a powerful impact may contribute to significant

The basics of store liability for injuries

Injuries in retail stores account for thousands of compensation claims annually. Premises liability in Pennsylvania holds shop owners responsible for injuries because of negligence. The same applies regardless of the size of the store or how well-known it is. Some store-related injuries can have lasting effects on customers, so it’s important to know what steps


I hope to make this a semi-regular post that discusses the financial impact of DUI arrests in Pennsylvania and State College and the spike in recent years of the number of DUI arrests in Pennsylvania. What’s interesting is when you delve below the initial statistics, you will find that the numbers actually have a negative