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Know the Pennsylvania laws for teen drivers

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, more Americans ages 16 to 24 die in auto accidents than from any other cause. In response to this issue, the state has established special guidelines for young drivers.

Review the Pennsylvania restricted license laws with your child before he or she starts driving.

Learner’s permit

Pennsylvania teens can apply for a permit at age 16 and it remains valid for 12 months. Your child must pass a knowledge test, vision test and physical.

During the learner’s permit period, you must supervise your child behind the wheel for at least 65 hours, including five hours in inclement weather and 10 hours at night.

Your teen cannot drive between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. with a learner’s permit. He or she may have only one passenger younger than age 18.

Junior license

Your child can apply for a junior license after completing the required supervised driving hours, holding a permit for at least six months and passing the road test. Overnight driving restrictions still apply until your teen turns 18. The one-passenger limit applies for the first six months of a junior license; for the second six months, the driver can have up to three passengers younger than 18 as long as each person has a separate seatbelt.

Remind your teen that speeding on a learner’s permit or junior license results in a 90-day license suspension. After turning 18, he or she will be eligible for a full license as long as the previous 12 months have been free of driving violations and accidents.