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No-fault car insurance and personal injury law

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that allows for no-fault car insurance. Drivers have the option of choosing a traditional car insurance policy or a no-fault policy. I

Drivers who have a no-fault policy can file a claim with their own insurance company after an accident regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Proponents of this system argue that it makes insurance more efficient.

For example, if two cars get into an accident, each driver can file a claim with their own insurance company. Their insurance provider can then reimburse them for their losses without any need for a lawsuit to determine who was at fault.

In theory, at least, the no-fault system should speed up the process of recovering compensation for damages, when compared to the traditional, litigation-oriented model. It should also reduce the need for court fees and other costs related to litigation, and therefore it should lead to more money going into the pockets of people who have been in an accident.

In practice, it doesn’t always work this way. The no-fault system is particularly ill-suited for cases involving serious injury. In these cases, the damages may be extreme, and the need for justice is very high. An insurance company may not be the best place to go when a permanently injured person needs compensation for enormous medical bills, years of lost wages and the many other types of damages that come with serious injury.

Because of this problem, Pennsylvania requires car accident victims who have suffered serious injury to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for their damages. In these cases, it is important for the injured and their families to seek out help from an attorney who can explain their legal options and fight to make sure they recover the full amount of compensation they need.