A 23-year-old riding on a scooter died after a passenger car struck him.  The scooter was powered manually.

The man was reportedly on a state road in Penn Township at the time of the accident, which happened shortly after nightfall.

The other driver left the scene of the accident. Reportedly, the driver was operating a Honda Pilot that would have sustained some damage to its front. The State Police are looking for the drivers of the vehicle and are continuing to investigate the accident.

Hopefully, police will locate the driver. If they do, then the family of the victim may also be able to hold the driver financially accountable for any negligence.

However, it is quite possible that the authorities will never identify the driver.  The family in this case should not despair of seeing justice done, as they may still be able to get the compensation they need and deserve on account of their loved one’s death.

For instance, depending on their circumstances, the family may be able to pursue a claim through the victim’s insurance carrier. For example, Pennsylvania is among those states which offer commonly referred to as no-fault states.

Basically, this means that a person may be able to get some compensation from his or her own insurance company even if he or she either cannot prove the other driver responsible, or, for that matter, cannot locate the other driver.

A person may be able to claim uninsured motorists’ benefits as well.

Whether one is able to make this sort of claim depends heavily on the individual’s circumstances, including what kind of insurance coverage the person purchased. This is one reason why it is important for a victim’s family to review their options with an experienced legal professional after a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident.