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Clear off your car after winter weather strikes

After a heavy snowfall, drivers in the Penn State area may be cautious to avoid ice and snow on the road. However, snowfall isn’t limited to the roadways. For those who keep their car outside, a heavy snowfall can completely cover their vehicle.

Some of these people will take care to clear their car of ice and snow, but others decide that they can still drive safely, even if there is snow and ice on their vehicle. Unfortunately, snow and ice on a vehicle can obscure the driver’s vision or fly off their vehicle, leading to a pedestrian accident or car accident that injures a Penn State student.

It’s the law to clear your car of ice and snow

According to one source, lots of motor vehicle accidents — some of which are fatal — occur when people do not clear the snow and ice from their cars after a snowfall. In fact, the issue is so pervasive that Pennsylvania implemented a snow/ice removal law in 2006.

Under this law, motorists must clear the snow and ice from their vehicle to keep it from flying off, obscuring their vision and the vision of others on the road. All windshields and windows should be cleared of snow and ice so that a motorist’s view of the road is not limited.

Motorists who fail to clean off their cars can be fined. Moreover, if flying snow or ice from their vehicle leads to a crash that injures or kills another person, there could be criminal charges.

A poorly cleared car is a danger to Penn State students

But, criminal charges aside, a driver who hasn’t cleared their vehicle of snow may not see a Penn State student walking to class, which could cause a pedestrian accident. Or, they may not see a Penn State student commuting to school and could strike them. When this happens, the student or his or her parents in the case of a fatality, may need to pursue a personal injury claim in order to be compensated for the harms they suffered. Negligent driving takes many forms, and driving a vehicle covered in snow and ice is one of them.

While this post does not contain legal advice, attorneys are available to help those in Penn State hit by cars this winter. Sometimes aggressive and experienced representation is needed to hold negligent drivers accountable. Wintertime accidents aren’t limited to slick roads. A motorist who doesn’t clear the snow and ice from their car is a danger to all around them. Snow removal takes some time, but it is well worth it to avoid causing a pedestrian accident or car accident.