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Chester County resident killed in bus accident near Pitt campus

All motor vehicle accidents seem to have their own unique elements of tragedy. A recent collision between a pedestrian and Pittsburgh Port Authority bus invokes the tragedy of a young life cut short and the emotional loss suffered by her family.

The victim was walking along De Soto Street near the University of Pittsburgh campus at approximately 12:15 p.m. when she was hit by a bus operated by the Port Authority of Pittsburgh. She was immediately transported to Presbyterian Hospital, but she died shortly after her arrival. The woman was 20 years old and was planning to receive her bachelor’s degree after only three years of study. According to a statement released by the University of Pittsburgh, the victim was a hard working student who was majoring in psychology and anthropology and who worked as a research assistant in the university’s Learning Research and Development Center.

No details of the accident have been released by the Pittsburgh Police Department. The city police and the Port Authority police are conducting joint investigations of the accident. Many questions need answers. Was the bus driver adequately trained? Where was the young woman when the bus hit her? Was the bus traveling at a lawful speed? What was the condition of the street on which the victim was walking? What was the condition of the street on which the bus was traveling? Did the bus driver sound the vehicle’s horn in an effort to warn the woman?

Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in a similar motor vehicle accident may wish to consider pursuing a claim for damages. A conference with an experienced personal injury attorney may provide helpful information about the evidence that would support a verdict of liability.