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What are a hotel’s duties to protect guests?

Visitors to State College are entitled to protection if they stay at one of its hotels. Innkeepers must take reasonable steps to protect their guests from harm or face the consequences of a premises liability lawsuit. Hotels have the duty of reasonable care of being vigilant and protecting their guests from foreseeable risks. This includes protection from injuries and

NTSB announces preliminary conclusions in bus crash probe

Many news stories of motor vehicle accidents end with a statement that the incident is “under further investigation.” Unfortunately, the results of the further investigation are rarely published. In a rare exception, the National Transportation Safety Board has announced its preliminary conclusions of a probe into a deadly bus-truck accident on I-70 near Mount Pleasant.

Experts begin to examine crash that killed Kobe Bryant

Despite the fact that the United States Senate was conducting an impeachment trial of President Trump, the most newsworthy event of the past weekend was the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in southern California. The news of the crash that killed eight people in addition to Bryant reverberated from the California hills

Understanding Pennsylvania’s wrongful death law

This blog recently discussed certain aspects of the helicopter crash that killed former basketball star Kobe Bryant. We observed that Bryant’s family and the families of the other eight persons who died in the crash may have claims for wrongful death. That crash occurred in California, and the legal claims of the decedents’ families will