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Artificial intelligence may help prevent distracted driving

Pennsylvania residents should know that there are three types of distractions they can experience while driving: cognitive, visual and manual distractions. While calling, texting and using in-vehicle technology can raise the risk for a crash, the same goes for activities like eating, changing the radio station and talking with passengers. Distracted driving crashes kill nine people and injure at least 100 every day in the U.S.

There have been efforts to raise awareness of the risk associated with distracted driving, but many people continue to engage in it despite this knowledge. A 2016 study showed that nearly 50% of drivers will call, send or receive a text, look up directions or check social media while behind the wheel. While there are safety features that can alert drivers when they are found to be distracted, these are not always effective. This is where AI comes in.

Artificial intelligence is helping automakers develop systems of cameras and sensors that monitor drivers’ behavior. Advanced software algorithms may even develop to the point of predicting human behavior. Manufacturers are also using advances in technology to make the alerts stand out more, such as by shutting the radio off to let alerts come through. These new alarm systems may also tell the car to brake or make other maneuvers when drivers are distracted.

When victims of car crashes find out that the other side was distracted, they can consider filing a personal injury claim. In Pennsylvania, plaintiffs may be able to recover damages as long as they are less to blame for the crash than defendants are. Before anything else, victims might want to have a lawyer evaluate the case. If they hire the lawyer, he or she may work to negotiate on their behalf for a settlement covering everything from medical bills to lost income.