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Indoor zip line accident injures 10-year-old boy

Pennsylvania residents may want to know about a personal injury case that is being pursued in Florida after a 10-year-old boy was injured while on an indoor zip line attraction. The amusement park designed it so that one person at a time rides on the zip line along a track that goes from one area to another. Videos show the boy flying through the air at the end of the track and falling 20 feet to the concrete below.

The boy’s family claims that he suffered serious injuries and that this was the result of operator error. A report from the Department of Agriculture has backed this claim up. It turns out that the leg straps were not buckled, leaving the boy in an unsafe position; he had to hold on by his arms until he lost his grip and fell.

The report called it operator error because there were no deficiencies in the zip line itself, nor did previous inspections of the park reveal a history of deficient zip line devices. As for the park, it issued a statement saying that staff members have been retrained on all attractions and that the employees involved in the incident have been let go. The boy is able to resume schooling and is on the way to recovery.

This is an example of a premises liability case, and for it to be successful, there must be proof that the park owner failed to keep entrants reasonably safe. This failure may have been reflected in a lack of training, for example. Whatever the issue might have been, a personal injury lawyer may assist with legal representation. Those who wish to file a premises liability claim may schedule a legal consultation to see how much they might be eligible for.