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More road rage causes more accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that aggressive driving incidents that lead to fatal automobile accidents have increased significantly in New Jersey and across the country. One survey about aggressive driving found that 80 percent of the respondents admitted to being angry on the road, and drivers reported honking, yelling and tailgating on purpose.

Already heightened tempers might be unleashed when getting behind the wheel. One survey found that existing stress from home and work meant that people might already be annoyed at the start of a car ride. This could lead to reckless behavior like speeding, switching lanes too fast and tailgating.

Another danger on the road comes when motorists do not get enough sleep. Being drowsy can impair people’s ability to operate a vehicle. This could also increase the changes of an aggressive driving incident. Being well rested and controlling stress levels could make a big impact when combating road rage.

There are additional steps drivers can take to prevent road rage. Motorists can be courteous while driving, which may involve not cutting other drivers off and using low-beam headlights when behind or across from other vehicles. Drivers should also resist the temptation to multitask while behind the wheel. Eating, being on the phone or doing something else while driving can lead to fender benders, which can then cause tension and anger.

People who have been injured in motor vehicle crashes caused by road rage often need extensive and costly medical care and treatment. They might want to meet with an attorney to discuss their situation and to learn whether the actions of the responsible driver constituted negligence.