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How to drive safely in a fall thunder storm

As fall weather moves into the area, you’re likely to find yourself on the road when the rain begins to fall. While it may not be as worrisome as snow and ice, it still has the potential to cause an accident.

Here are some of the many steps you can take to protect yourself when driving in a fall rainstorm:

  • Watch for wet leaves: There’s nothing more beautiful than the changing of the leaves during the fall season, but as these make their way to the ground you must take extra caution. Driving over wet leaves, especially at a high rate of speed, can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If you spot wet leaves on the road, slow down and do your best to avoid sudden accelerations or heavy braking.
  • Slow down: The faster you drive in wet weather, the greater chance there is of losing control of your vehicle. For example, if you hit standing water at a high rate of speed, your tires may lose contact with the road.
  • Use your headlights: Forget about the time of the day. If it’s raining, you should turn your headlights on. This improves your visibility, while also making it easier for vehicles traveling in the opposite direction to see you.
  • Watch for wildlife: Deer, for example, are more likely to make their way onto the roadway during the fall season. Even if you don’t hit a deer, you may have to swerve to avoid a collision, which can cause an accident with another vehicle.
  • Maintain your vehicle: This includes many things, such as regularly checking your tire pressure and changing your windshield wipers as necessary.

Driving safely in a fall rainstorm is easier said than done, but these tips should give you peace of mind.

If another driver causes an accident, such as by speeding in a driving rainstorm, move to safety and stay where you are until help arrives. Getting out of your vehicle can complicate the situation, especially if you’re in close proximity to fast-moving traffic.

Once you receive medical treatment, contact your insurance company, review your policy and take steps to obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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