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Common causes of motor vehicle accidents

Human error is the main contributing factor in the majority of motor vehicle accidents that occur in Pennsylvania. A large number of these accidents are considered minor, and there is minimal damage. However, thousands of more serious accidents lead to fatalities every year.

One of the most common causes of motor vehicle collisions is distracted driving. In fact, it has been the most frequent cause of vehicle crashes in the United States over the past several years. There are many ways drivers can be distracted while behind the wheel. Eating food, using a smartphone, applying makeup or drinking from a bottle can all distract drivers for the few seconds it takes to cause an accident.

Another common cause of traffic crashes is drunk driving. When people consume alcohol, their ability to concentrate on the road and their reaction time will be significantly reduced. Those who consume alcohol should refrain from driving until the effects of drinking have disappeared.

It is not unusual for drivers to ignore speed limits. However, this behavior can result in an accident. The faster a vehicle is driven, the longer it will take a driver to brake and not strike an obstacle in the road.

People who drive recklessly can also be a danger on the roads. Examples of reckless driving include suddenly changing lanes, ignoring road signs and speeding. It’s also the type of driving behavior that intoxicated drivers tend to engage in when they want to reach their destinations quickly.

A personal injury attorney may work to obtain financial compensation on behalf of a client who sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. If necessary, legal counsel could litigate to hold a negligent driver financially liable for crash-related damages.