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Trucking accidents and their causes

One reason that commercial trucking accidents may occur in Pennsylvania is improperly maintained vehicles. The trucks travel many miles every day, which results in significant wear and tear. It is the responsibility of the maintenance crews, drivers and trucking companies to ensure that the fleet is well-maintained. Cracked windshields or some other equipment failure can result in accidents.

Equipment failure can also be the result of the negligence of the equipment manufacturer. Negligence during the production of a part can result in defective components. If an accident is caused by defective parts, multiple parties may be held liable for the accident, including the part and truck manufacturers, the company that sold the truck and the mechanic who made repairs on the part.

Inclement weather can be a significant issue for truckers who have not been properly trained to drive in those conditions. Because of the massive weight of the trucks and the longer time it takes to stop, weather conditions that include snow, rain and ice can be difficult for truckers. It is important that truckers travel at the right speeds in all weather conditions and know how brake properly to avoid jackknifing, skidding or hydroplaning.

There are certain industry rules that truckers and cargo loading personnel have to adhere to when placing cargo on the bed of a truck. There are limits regarding height, weight, length, width, size and methods of securing cargo that have to be followed. Errors can result in the cargo falling off a truck and causing horrific accidents.

A personal injury attorney may work to obtain financial compensation for clients who have been injured in trucking accidents caused by another party’s negligence. Litigation may be used to hold truckers, trucking companies, part manufacturers and truck manufacturers liable for the injuries sustained in a truck accident.