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Swimming pools can be a summer danger

While many people in Pennsylvania enjoy water activities as a way to escape the summer heat, pools and water parks can also come with dangers. Every day, around 10 people die due to accidental drowning across the United States, and two of them are children under the age of 15. It is the fifth-leading cause of unintentional injury or death nationwide and the most common cause of death from injury for children ages 1 through 4. This means that drowning takes a significant toll from American families, a worry that can be important to keep in mind while enjoying water-based activities.

Swimming pools can be a popular feature in many families’ backyards, but they can be dangerous for children, especially if unsecured. Children have been found dead or severely injured in neighbors’ pools without supervision after entering through unlocked gates or fences. While parents or other adults can keep a close eye on children in the water in their presence, pools can present a nearly irresistible attraction for young kids outside. Police and other safety officials emphasize that children should never be left alone to play in the water. They need close supervision at all time in order to ensure that accidental drowning is avoided.

In addition, safety experts also urged parents to make use of community swimming lessons for their children. Kids aged 1 to 4 who go to swimming lessons are 88 percent less likely to drown.

Swimming pools can be not just a source of relaxation but a neighborhood hazard if they are left unsecured. Parents whose children have suffered injury or death due to drowning in a dangerous swimming pool can consult with a personal injury lawyer. They may be able to seek compensation from the owner of the pool through a premises liability lawsuit.