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Determining the cause of a car accident

It is important to know who or what caused a car accident. After all, car accidents can be expensive, costing people in Pennsylvania a lot of money or even their lives. This cost has to be accounted for, which is why the police as well as insurance companies do everything in their power to figure out the entity responsible. Once the correct party has been determined, the police can administer the proper punitive action, and the insurance companies can send said party a claims payment.

Of the many factors that cause car accidents, human error is the most prevalent. For instance, drivers using their phones while on the road might be too distracted to keep their eyes focused on what lies ahead. What’s more, given the abundance of new technologies finding their way into modern vehicles, drivers are becoming more distracted today than any other time in history. Alternatively, a driver who had too much to drink before sitting behind the wheel can be a liability for the rest of their fellow motorists. Other factors that can impede with a driver’s ability to safely navigate the road include having a medical condition or being lost in a place where the driver is unfamiliar with the local rules of the road.

Rather than the driver being at fault, the problem might be mechanical in nature. A case in point is how a poorly maintained car can easily breakdown on the road, endangering the life of the driver as well as anyone else sharing the road. On the other hand, the liability might lie with the manufacturer who produced a malfunctioning car in the first place.

In any case, given the legal consequences along with the financial liability engendered from causing an accident, anyone who has been through this ordeal should be clear on the actions that led up to the accident. They might benefit from reaching out to a personal injury attorney to inform them of their options.