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When deciding which car insurance policy to purchase, many people only consider the least expensive options. Car insurance companies use buzz words like “full coverage” to distract buyers from the substance of their policies. It is important to understand the difference between Full and Limited Tort options in order to know what kind of policy you are investing in.

Limited Tort

Limited Tort auto policies are typically $100-$200 less expensive than comparable Full Tort auto policies. With that lower price tag, you are giving up your right to receive compensation for pain and suffering if you are involved in an automobile accident. If you are involved in a collision, your pain and suffering costs may be in the thousands; meaning, you may pay much more later for the money that you are saving now.

By choosing a Limited Tort auto policy, you are also precluding any family members that may be covered under your policy from receiving adequate compensation. Furthermore, those covered under your policy will be precluded from recovering for pain and suffering if injured while riding in someone else’s vehicle. However, it is important to note that Pennsylvania law does recognize certain situations where a person who has elected Limited Tort coverage may still recover for their pain and suffering from the responsible party.

Full Tort

The full effects of a motor vehicle collision may not be known for months or even years after the incident. Without Full Tort auto insurance coverage, you may be left holding the bill.

If you decide to purchase a Full Tort policy, make sure to be specific. Though seemingly interchangeable, Full Tort and full coverage policies are not the same. You may purchase a Limited Tort policy marketed as full coverage. Also, make sure to review the declarations page of your auto insurance when renewing your policy for another year.

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