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Is there anything better than coming home to your pet? Whether you are a dog, cat, lizard, hamster, snake, or guinea pig person, we can all agree that there is nothing quite like the love of an animal. On occasion, our animals act like- well, animals. When our pets feel sick, stressed, afraid, or anxious, bites can happen.


Of all domesticated animals, dog bites occur most frequently. The Center for Disease Control offers these tips to avoid being bitten by a dog:

  • Do not approach an unfamiliar dog
  • Stay still if an unfamiliar dog approaches you
  • Report stray dogs
  • Before attempting to pet a dog, allow it to sniff you and become comfortable
  • Pet dogs under the chin, not on the head
  • Do not disturb a dog while they are eating or sleeping
  • Avoid direct eye contact with unfamiliar dogs
  • Do not encourage dogs to play aggressively

As a dog owner, be sure to adhere to Pennsylvania law. State statutes require dog owners to maintain reasonable control over their dogs at all times, and to keep dogs on personal property by use of a reliable fence, chain, or collar. If your dog gets anxious or scared around strangers, do not allow unfamiliar people to approach your dog.

If You are Bitten by a Dog

Even if you take extreme precaution, dog bites happen. According to the CDC, 4.5 million dog bites occur each year.

If you are bitten by a dog, get medical attention. Attempt to locate the owner in order to inform them of the incident and determine the dog’s vaccination history. Keep all of your subsequent medical records and bills. Contact a personal injury attorney.

As an animal lover, you may find it difficult to report animal bites. It is important to do so to ensure the safety of others. Additionally, if you are a victim of a dog bite and sustain injuries, you could be compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages from your job, and psychological/emotional distress.

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