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Motorcycle Accidents

Many people consider motorcycles to be unsafe – they’re too fast and unprotected, and they’re risky for those who use them and who share the road with them. It is true that when a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcycle usually bears the brunt of the damage and the bike rider typically sustains more severe injuries. However, it


Many college students may think that if they drink in their rooms or at parties within walking distance from their dorms, they are safe from being charged with alcohol-related crimes because they are not driving. While it’s true that drunk driving is one of the biggest alcohol-related crimes a person can be charged with, it’s

Products Liability: General Motors Pays $900 Million to Settle Defective Ignition Switches

Today, General Motors has agreed to a $900 million settlement and agreed to admit to misleading the public about vehicle safety amid defective ignition switches within some of their vehicles. This criminal settlement is just the latest announced by the Justice Department against corporations; which also includes Toyota and JPMorgan Chase. Tied to over 120 deaths, problems with the ignition switch could shut off the car

The Owen Labrie Verdict

In a case that has captured the attention of America by reigniting conversations about sex and consent, a high school student named Owen Labrie was recently convicted of five criminal charges -including one felony- in connection with the sexual assault of another student at a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school. The case centered around allegations that Labrie, a former