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If you have been pulled over for suspicious driving behavior, the officer who stopped you will attempt to prove that you have been drinking or that you are too intoxicated to safely drive. While such DUI traffic stops are scary and may intimidate you (especially if you are a little buzzed or had a drink

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

As a State College Personal Injury Lawyer, the unfortunate truth is that many of my car accident clients share one thing in common and that is that their injuries came at the hands of a drunk driver. While it is often clear when someone has been drinking before they got behind the wheel of a

Heroin in Pennsylvania

Last February, a massive drug bust in Centre County brought the heroin crisis in Pennsylvania to local and national attention. Over the last year, law enforcement officials and legislators have been working to crack down on evidence of drug use and sales across the entire state. In the Centre City bust on February 6, 2014,