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Minor Crimes Can Have Major Consequences

When you first get to college, you may feel a sense of overwhelming freedom-no parents, no boundaries and no supervision during free time at night and on the weekends. For many incoming freshmen, this is their first chance to live on their own, set their own schedules and make their own decisions as they enjoy

NCAA Sanctions May Violate Civil Rights

There has been an ongoing battle between Penn State and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The school’s football team has been paying for mistakes made by top-level executives of the program for the past two years. After former coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse conviction, an official investigation, led by Louis J. Freeh and commissioned

Winter Safety

Students who headed home for Thanksgiving may have seen their flights delayed or cancelled or otherwise found themselves without rides due to heavy winds, winter storms and icy conditions. Winter is definitely here and it marks a time of mass travel as students go home for the holidays and celebrate the end of finals, the