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What’s the difference between Limited Tort and Full Tort Auto Insurance Policies?

Limited Tort and Full Tort refer to different types of coverage under an auto insurance policy and what compensation you are entitled to receive if you are injured in an auto accident. With a Limited Tort auto insurance policy, you give up the right to receive compensation for pain and suffering if you are injured in automobile accident. In most car accidents, the primary compensation that you are entitled to receive is for the pain and suffering you have to endure as a result of the car accident. The only benefit to a Limited tort auto insurance policy is that it cheaper than a Full Tort auto insurance policy. Typically, Limited Tort auto policies are anywhere from $100 to $200 cheaper than a comparable Full Tort auto insurance policy. However, what you are giving up in many instances can be worth thousands of dollars down the road. What’s also important to realize about Limited Tort auto insurance policies that you are not just limiting yourself to receive just compensation in the event you are injured while driving your own car, but you are also precluding your family members covered under the policy from receiving adequate compensation. Even more significant, you and your family members will also be precluded from recovering for pain and suffering if you are injured while riding in someone else’s vehicle. It should be pointed out that Pennsylvania law does recognize certain situations where a person who has elected Limited Tort coverage may still recover for their pain and suffering from the responsible party.

Is “Full Coverage” the same as “Full Tort”?

No. Full coverage is simply an advertising slogan used by insurance agents or insurance brokers to sell you one of their policies. You need to be specific that you want Full Tort coverage or in many instances your auto insurance policy will not have it. It is important to review your declarations page with each yearly renewal of your car or truck insurance policy to confirm that you have elected Full Tort coverage.