A just outcome was reached in the horrific case of a University of California student being imprisoned in a United States DEA jail cell for 4 and half days without food or water. The San Francisco Gate reported today that the 25-year-old student, Daniel Chong, reached a $4.1M settlement with the federal government after he was abandoned in a windowless DEA jail cell for more than 4 days without food and water. As a result of the deplorable conditions that Daniel faced, including drinking his own urine to stay alive, the federal government introduced national standards which include daily inspections of cells and requiring that all DEA jail cells include cameras. Mr. Chong’s case brings up an important point and that individuals, through no fault of their own, find themselves subjected to police misconduct at the federal or state and local level. The fourth amendment guarantees each citizen the right to be free from invasive practices by the police and government officials, and if you believe that you have been subjected to police misconduct in State College or Centre County, it is imperative that you contact an experienced State College Police Misconduct Attorney.

Read more about Daniel’s horrific experience in the CNN article. For more information on civil rights laws and lawsuits check back regularly.