In a lesson all Pennsylvania and State College drivers should heed, vanity plates are nothing but trouble. Apparently not a regular visitor to this DUI Blog, Denver Broncos starting running back and former Georgia Bulldog Knowshon Moreno was pulled over last week and charged with DUI. At the time of the incident, Moreno was driving his Bentley 70 mph in a 45 zone, which just happened to be tagged with the ironically comical vanity license plate, “Sauced.”


Moreno was administered a field sobriety test and the arresting DUI officer noted alcohol on his breadth. Moreno was subsequently charged with DUI, careless driving, and failing to provide insurance. No word from the district attorney’s office on whether charges will be filed against Moreno for operating a vehicle with a vanity plate. Reference: Knowshon Moreno Denver Broncos arrested on DUI charges in Bentley with SAUCED vanity plates 020612 – NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN.