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Breathalyzers are typically the weapon of choice for most State College and Pennsylvania cops in securing a DUI arrest. However, as prominent DUI Pennsylvania attorney, Justin McShane, demonstrates in this video, breathalyzers are not the most reliable of tools.

If you do not have six minutes to watch the breathalyzer video above, McShane demonstrates the true limitations of Pennsylvania cops using breathalyzers and the inaccuracy of using a breath test as a means of securing an arrest for DUI. In the video, the attorney swishes a light and admittedly tasteless beer in his mouth for a few seconds and spits it out. After spitting the beer out, McShane proceeds to administer a typical Pennsylvania breath test to himself with both breathalyzers. Not surprisingly, the breathalyzers both read not only above the Pennsylvania legal limit of .08, but what was is actually considered extreme DUI in Pennsylvania. While any State College police officer will tell you that the demonstration is a gross exaggeration, the real genius is found in McShane’s explanation at the end of the video. I won’t ruin the ending, but its safe to say that after viewing the video there should be little question that anyone charged with a DUI in State College should really invest in Pennsylvania DUI lawyer to represent them.