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State College, PA- In a case that seems to be more fiction than reality, a State College jury awarded a record high for Centre County damages. $16.5 million dollars was awarded to a woman who was drugged by her former State College psychologist. I know that I said that the focus of this blog was going to be on DUI, DWI and alcohol related arrests, but the bizarre nature of this case was to much to pass on. As the Centre Daily Times reports, former State College psychologist, Julian Metter, drugged the woman with carbon dioxide during therapy sessions and planted a story in her head that she was raped and abused by former family members. As disturbing as that sounds, the true creepy aspect of the case centered on Metter’s defense and unrelenting belief that a satanic cult made up of lawyers, police officers, judges and other State College community members operated in and around State College and performed torture, buried children in coffins, killed animals and impregnated young women. Not surprising, Metter represented himself at the trial.

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