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What companies should know about premises liability

Despite an employer’s best safety efforts, a work accident can occur on a job site. Companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the country may reduce the odds of an accident occurring by implementing a safety plan. This plan could include making sure that floors are dry or that ripped carpeting is removed as quickly as possible. Employees and customers should be warned about any hazardous conditions that could exist in a store or a parking garage.

A business could reduce its liability by simply attempting to mitigate a dangerous condition such as poor lighting or a wet floor. Accident victims may be partially or fully responsible for any injuries that they incur while on company property. This may be true if they failed to notice a wet floor sign or were otherwise acting in a careless manner when they were hurt.

In some cases, injured victims may not be entitled to damages from a company if accidents were caused by their lack of awareness. Companies may want to consider buying general liability insurance to protect themselves financially. A general liability insurance policy may help to pay for most or all of a judgment rendered against the business. It may also help to pay for legal fees that the company incurs defending itself in court.

Individuals who are hurt while on a property owned by another person or entity may wish to pursue a premises liability case. An attorney may help a plaintiff establish that a property owner knew about a dangerous condition and did nothing to fix or mitigate the problem. This could be done by using photos or videos taken at the scene of the accident. Cases may be resolved either in or out of a courtroom.