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Without question, the job of being a police officer is extremely challenging.  Because of this, the law affords police officers with broad protections from lawsuits involving their negligence and errors in judgment.  However, there are times when a police officer’s conduct crosses the line when making an arrest, detaining an individual, conducting an investigation, and/or using force that results in bodily injury.  When a police officer’s conduct rises to the level of violating an individual’s constitutional rights, such action gives rise to a civil rights claim. 

Under the U.S. Constitution, all persons have certain rights that may not be violated by the government. When police officers or other government actors violate these rights the law provides a remedy in the form of monetary damages pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1983. 

A §1983 claim arises when a police officer or governmental actor is acting under color of state law and commits one of the following acts:

  • False arrest: an arrest without sufficient legal cause
  • Excessive force/police brutality: the use of unnecessary physical force by police or correctional officers
  • Unlawful conviction/incarceration: convictions or prison sentences based on the wrongful actions of police or prosecutors

At Rehmeyer & Allatt, our State College civil rights attorneys believe that if you are going to enforce the law you must follow the law.  If you have been the victim of a police officer or governmental agent violating your constitutional rights in one of the above situations, please contact Rehmeyer & Allatt for a free consultation today.

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