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Personal injury claims include a large number of cases, but typically involve car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, dog and animal bite claims, negligent security cases and injuries that occur on another’s property whether it is a business or a private residence (known as “premises liability”).

The State College personal injury lawyers at Rehmeyer & Allatt believe that every victim is entitled to both financial compensation for their injuries from the responsible party and representation that is tailored to their specific needs.

Litigation in many respects comes down to understanding your adversary and developing a case strategy that exposes your adversary’s weaknesses and minimizes their strengths.  What many people may not know is that the lawyer representing the personal injury defendant is typically paid for by the defendant’s insurance company and any settlement or judgment is also paid by the defendant’s insurance company.  While other law firms may boast about knowing how insurance companies think and act, Attorney Andrew Rehmeyer of Rehmeyer & Allatt actually knows how insurance companies think and act because he spent a number of years working as a defense attorney for the largest insurance company in the United States.  This experience has given Attorney Andrew Rehmeyer a unique insight into the underpinning of how insurance companies evaluate, litigate and defend personal injuries cases.

Do I Have A Case?

While every case is unique, in order to determine whether an injured person has a case we like to use the analogy of a stool.  In order for you to be able to sit on a stool and it to support your weight, the stool must have three sturdy legs.  Just like the stool, a case must have three sturdy legs in order to support it.  The three legs of the stool are: (1) you were injured (2) someone else was more than 50% responsible for your injuries and (3) you are able to collect from the person or business responsible.  If either of three legs of the case is not present, just like the stool, it will not support it. 

To use an example involving a car accident to illustrate the point that in one situation someone does have a case and in the other situation that same person would not have a case.  In the first scenario, the injured driver was struck by an insured driver who ran a red light.  In that situation, the injured driver would have a case because they were (1) injured (2) someone was more than 50% responsible for their injuries and (3) the negligent driver was insured.  Using the same example, only this time swapping out the negligent driver for a deer, the injured driver would not have a case because even though they were injured, a deer is not a person, or at least not in a legal sense and they could not recover against the deer because Pennsylvania insurance companies do not offer deer insurance polices.         

What Is My Case Worth?

At Rehmeyer & Allatt, our personal injury attorneys tell every client the same thing when they ask us what their case is worth and that is a case is never worth a dime until someone makes an offer to settle or a judge or jury awards you money.  Any lawyer who tells you that your case is worth a specific amount of money either will not be able to deliver on that guarantee or is a lawyer who has never tried a case. 

How Much Do You Charge?

At Rehmeyer & Allatt we handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  Simply put, you do not pay us a dime unless we recover compensation for you by way of settlement or judgment.  This means that you do not owe us any up front costs or costs associated with pursuing your claim until such time that we are able to favorably resolve your case.  While other law firms tout slogans that they do not collect unless they get money for you, we at Rehmeyer & Allatt simply believe that it is the right thing to do and that all injured victims, regardless of their financial condition, are entitled to experienced, dedicated legal representation.     

To learn more about how the State College personal injury lawyers at Rehmeyer & Allatt can help you or a loved one how has been injured, please click on one of the links below or contact us at 814-343-9860 for a free consultation.

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