Under Insured Motorist Claims

Despite Pennsylvania law requiring all drivers to have car insurance, nearly 1 in every 7 drivers is uninsured according to the Insurance Research Council. Even more concerning, the Insurance Research Council believes that many more drivers are underinsured with their policies, which could leave you holding the bill after an accident. The last thing you want to worry about after an accident is an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.  Understanding complex issues such as insurance coverage can be confusing and somewhat intimidating.  The knowledgeable State College personal injury and insurance attorneys at Rehmeyer & Allatt can help.  

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage is an optional addition you can purchase along with your regular motor vehicle insurance. What Uninsured Motorist Coverage means, is that your insurance company will help with medical bills, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering and other expenses if you are the victim of a car accident with an uninsured driver or a victim of a hit and run. UM (Uninsured Motorist) coverage will apply to you, as well as your family members living in the same house in the event of a car accident. Uninsured Motorist Coverage will help with you bills no matter if you are a driver, pedestrian, passenger or victim of a hit and run. If you don’t have a current UM policy, you would have to sue the at-fault driver to recover your damages. In many cases with uninsured drivers, they don’t have assets for you to recover money after an accident has occurred, which can leave you with expensive bills and no legal recourse.

Uninsured versus Underinsured Coverage?

Uninsured (UM): A driver with no insurance or insurance that does not meet the legal standards. Hit and run accidents would also fall under the category of uninsured drivers, as no information can be recovered from a driver who fleas the accident scene.

Underinsured (UIM): A driver who has the legally required level of insurance, but whose insurance policy does not have limits great enough to cover damages resulting from an accident.

What Does Uninsured Motorist Insurance Cover?

UM covers you in the following circumstances:

  • When the driver responsible for the accident carries no liability coverage
  • When the driver at fault is unidentifiable, as in a hit-and-run accident
  • When the driver responsible for the accident is driving a stolen vehicle (the liability insurance of the vehicle owner does not cover the driver in this case)

Will Insurance Companies Pay My Claim? 

If you need to use UM or UIM our lawyers can help you file a claim against your own insurance company. Insurance companies only make a profit if they collect more in insurance premiums than they pay out for claims. In order to keep profit margins high, they have various means and methods of obscuring policy details, delaying payment, short-changing policyholders and even denying your claim.

Lodging a claim against your own insurance company is an adversarial proceeding and requires a lawyer with a knowledge of how insurance companies work. The experienced State College personal injury and insurance attorneys at Rehmeyer & Allatt know how to help you receive the compensation you deserve after an accident. Call us today for a free case review and consultation.

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