Felony Offenses

Attorney Julian Allatt of Rehmeyer & Allatt has extensive experience representing clients charged with serious and violent felony offenses, including but not limited to:

Aggravated Assault
Robbery/Armed Robbery
Murder/Attempted Murder
Firearm related offenses
Major drug distribution cases
Corrupt Organizations
Sex Offenses
Inchoate offenses such as attempt, solicitation and conspiracy to commit various Felonies

If you are facing one of the above charges, or any other serious criminal offense, the penalties associated with the offense can be nothing short of life-altering. Attorney Julian Allatt of Rehmeyer & Allatt has represented countless individuals faced with serious felony offenses.  In some situations, a trial on the merits of the case is a defendant’s only option.  In others, an experienced criminal defense attorney can work with police officers and the district attorney’s office to negotiate a plea agreement that seeks to minimize and/or avoid the significant ramifications of a conviction.  In all cases, you deserve the attention of a dedicated, passionate and experienced criminal defense attorney who will take the time to understand the particulars of your case and work with you to achieve the best possible resolution to your criminal charges. 

Often times, if an individual has been charged with one of the offenses listed above, that person will have bail set at a high monetary amount and be committed to a county jail due to their inability to post the required amount to secure release while he or she awaits trial.  In such a case, an effective criminal defense attorney will work to reduce the amount of bail set and if unable to do so, keep in regular communication with a client and/or his family through regular telephone calls and in-person visits at the jail.  Every case is unique, and each case requires an approach to representation that is as unique as the case itself. 

If one of your loved ones is incarcerated, you can rely on Attorney Allatt of Rehmeyer & Allatt to keep the lines of communication open  by staying in regular contact with you and by making regular visits to the jail.  Even a short visit can lift an inmate’s spirits, instill confidence, and assure them that they have a dedicated advocate on their side to guide them through the process.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a felony offense, or any other criminal offense, I urge you to contact the law office of Rehmeyer & Allatt for a free consultation. 

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